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CAPKON is a home loan advisory firm established in 2009 by Dr Kiran Thapa to provide specialist advice on Property Investments and Home Loans in Australia. Our industry experience, academic qualifications and strategic thinking sets us apart from other providers, allowing us to tailor a solution that is right for you.

We see mortgage brokers as the project coordinators for clients’​ property purchase project and in addition to loans advice, we offer free service to our clients on:

– Home Loans
– Property Research
– Inspection
– Negotiation and bargaining

In the last 8 years Capkon has grown into one of the most successful home loan adviser company. It has also received national recognition from different boards through out these years. Most recently, in 2016 Capkon received  “VOW Financial Pinnacle Broker of the Year Altitude Awards” and Capkon was also able to be listed in the prestigious “Top 100 MPA Brokers” of 2017.

Capkon has been successful at helping families and individuals by lending them our expert advice with our 8+ years of experience in the field and excellence to help them reach closer to their dreams of owning a home in Australia. We have helped number of families across Australia to evaluate their financial capacity and served them with the most viable financial decisions. We have helped our clients and members of our community to decide whats best for them, research their desired property, how they can own their first home, invest in property, renovation and sell their current property, find them the right house and land package and even helped them buy and hold properties.

Capkon has always loved properties and we are ready to help any individual with their property related field be it pre-approval or revaluation.

We have proudly served more than 1100 clients are thriving to serve more. All you need to say is “I want to buy a house” and we will take care of the rest. With our expertise, experience and excellence you can rest being assured.

Message From Our Founder

I am an experienced mortgage broker and lead a small team of finance professionals, who specialise in assisting Engineers, Nurses, IT and Medical professionals with their finance needs for property investments. We have helped over 1100 individual clients with approval of over $400 millions in residential mortgages from all over Australia.

I have obtained PhD in Finance from University of Technology Sydney and taught finance / private wealth management subjects at UTS and Macquarie University before starting my own home loan advisory business. Before switching my interest to Finance in 2009 , I worked as a Civil Engineer at different organisations including Stonnington Council and Douglas Partners in Melbourne. Prior to this, I was a lecturer of Engineering Economics in Nepal and have also authored a book on the subject.

Our finance team is based in Sydney but we offer our services Australia wide to help build your property investment portfolio.


-Dr Kiran Thapa, PhD (Finance)

Mortgage Broker | Home Loan Expert for Engineering and Nursing Professionals | Investor in Fintech and startup ideas


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