The Process

If you have found the property already, you will be looked after by our specialist team. 




If you have not found the property yet, the below 7 step info-graphic process applies to you. 

Step 1

45 minutes strategy session with the Capkon Broker

Step 2

Pre-assessment of your documents- 1 business days

Step 3

Conditional approval of your loan- 5 to 6 business days

Step 4

You now have 90 days to find the home, we help you with the property research if you need one and this offer is valid to only our clients.

Step 5

Property is found and contract is signed. Your file moves to  to full approval – 5 business days

Step 6

Loan formally approves, document arrives and settlement process begins.

Step 7

Loan Settles, congratulations!

Ongoing maintenance of your loan plus first-hand information to our financial events and educational materials for your happier and wealthier life choices.

As you may be aware of by now, I am highlighting our services again for a quick reference:

Quick & Easy

We do all the hard work for you

Free Of Cost

Yup, thats right there is no obligation and our services are completely free of any charges to you.


We will coordinate with all the stakeholders involved from loan application to key handover process. This will help you purchase property without any stress or confusion.


We have helped over 1000+ clients so far. Please make use of our experience as much as you can.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

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