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Google Reviews

” Valuable words CAPKON received for helping our clients secure their great Australian dream. “

"Thank you for the great advice and time to purchase our sweet home with a hassle free process. Our settlement went smoothly today. Thank you and all the Capkon team for their hard work. We will be in touch. Thanks again a lot."
Umesh Manandhar
Sydney, NSW
"Thank you for absolutely everything you and your team have done in helping us purchase our dream home. The communication, professionalism, and efficiency throughout the whole process were above and beyond and because of you, we are now proud homeowners. Thank you so much once again we are forever humble and grateful for your service. Come in for a coffee or dinner when you are this way or just come in anytime. Many thanks ."
Kul & Ambik
Sydney, NSW
"I have had the good fortune of knowing Kiran Ji and CAPKON for some time now. From a 10x10 office in summer hill to the mortgage brokering juggernaut that it is for our community now. There is one small thing that he and his company will do and most others won't. He will try and understand the core reason for you buying the house and your future aspirations. He will be your guide, agent, inspector, financial planner and more than anything else your friend. He is not doing it for free. No one is. But he will not do it at your expense. Go talk to him, you will see."
Prasanna Shrestha
Sydney, NSW

Facebook Reviews

“Your words matter to use. Reviews Capkon received through Facebook for helping our clients in their home buying journey. “

"The knowledge and the guidance / education I received on how to approve my finance for my first was just great. None of my previous brokers assisted me in this manner. Any question no matter how simple was answered patiently and all my options was laid in front of me to decide. Amazing service. Great communication. Highly recommend for Home loan and refinance."
Achut Adikari
Sydney, NSW
"I think we have struck the mortgage broker jackpot with Atul.! We have known him for many years. He is very informative and has made obtaining both mortgages stress free by explaining every step of the process in terms that we can actually understand! He has always made himself available from making house calls to answering questions via text, phone calls and emails. Will definitely recommend him to everyone."
Ritesh Shrestha
Sydney, NSW
"One of the best mortgage broker in Brisbane with new energy and talent"
Cyam Basnet
Sydney, NSW

Google Reviews

” Valuable words CAPKON received for helping our clients securing their great Australian dream. “

"Dear Kiran Ji, We would like to say huge thank you to you and your team. It was a great challenge to buy another property and you guided throughout the process, you explain to us in a professional manner when we have any questions. Your ability to dealing with clients is an exceptional and deep understanding of the property market. Wish you all well and have great success in your business. Thank you,"
Yadav Sharma and Shashi Bhatta
Sydney, NSW
"We really appreciate all the "CAPKON" team have done us to help to get our land and construction loan. Thank you so much - Rajenta Ji and Shritsty ji and one and only Kiran dai for such a great effort and good outcome."
Deepak and Reeta
Sydney, NSW
"Big Thank you"
Anjana and Ashik
Sydney, NSW

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